Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Children's Disco Party - Review

This week my daughter attended a birthday party with a brilliant entertainer, so we thought we would offer a review.

Simon Western offers several different party options; a disco, puppet show or Count Backwards magic show.

This party was a disco for a five year old.

I found Simon friendly to both parents and children and for the whole hour he was very involved and the games were fast moving. The usual party games were included as well as an interesting hat game based on musical chairs, but instead of chairs, using hats placed on their heads. This was much more suited to a larger number of children and they all seemed to enjoy it.

The birthday girl was made to feel special, the older children were given special tasks and the younger ones enjoyed the bubbles and foam. Parents had the option to join in but weren't pressured into doing so.

My daughter is very shy and chose to watch the fun to begin with, but she did join in eventually and was thrilled to win a sweet for dancing. There was no pressure for those who wished to watch instead of join in, but plenty of prizes and fun for those that did. Simon managed the games very well, the children didn't seem to mind if they didn't win as the next game kept them occupied.

We would recommend Simon and his Disco Party, here are his details if you would like to contact him:

Tel:01202 469885/07957214314

Please note: This is a free review and the entertainer was unaware he was being reviewed.


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