Saturday, 8 November 2014

Review - Party entertainer Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey the dragon

Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey the dragon

We first met Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey 11 years ago when he performed his show for our older children. It was a pleasure to introduce him to the younger ones. We went along to one of his shows recently at the Sovereign centre, when we arrived he was setting up and as with all our entertainers we didn't tell him we were reviewing.

There is quite a large difference from entertaining at an organised party to performing in a shopping centre, there didn't seem to be many children around and those that wondered past were ushered away by their parents, busy with their shopping chores.

Mr Merlin began his show and gradually children appeared and adults slowed down to watch. Within just a few minutes quite a crowd had formed and we were impressed at how Mr Merlin engaged the crowd as well as a few older children who pretended they weren't interested!

We enjoyed the range of jokes aimed at both older and younger parents and the children were giggling at the magic tricks. Several children were picked to go on stage and all the children were keen to participate.

The highlight of the show has to be the cute dragon Okey Dokey , my daughter was picked to go on stage and as I have mentioned before, she is very shy and I thought she would refuse. Not only did she go on stage but she spoke into the microphone and kissed Okey Dokey!

A timeless entertainer who appeals to all ages, you can contact Mr Merlin here

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