Sunday, 31 May 2015

Review - Stamptastic stamps

Stamptastic name stamps

With four children in the house anything that makes life easier is a bonus. I must admit i dread the annual school uniform changeover, buying it is one thing but sewing name labels into everything is both time consuming and tedious. The older children certainly don't like sewn labels into their clothes as apparently it isn't 'cool' at senior school and college! I tend to use a pen on the label for them but it never lasts and after a few washes i have to re-apply.
We were sent two stamps and a ink pad to test  and we started with the lunchboxes, we have the fabric style which can be put in the washing machine, usually we remove the paper insert with the handwritten name but we stamped the lunchboxes with the girls names and threw the old paper inserts away, now they look much neater and the name stays put after washing. So many children have the same design on their lunchboxes so these stamps make them easier for the girls to find.
Stamping the summer uniform was much quicker and again the names stayed put after several washes, everything we bought for summer is now labelled and i must admit to feeling rather smug that the job is complete!
We really did find a unexpected use for these stamps which has saved me lots of arguments. Our younger children share a bedroom, as they are both girls and similar in age their toys tend to be the same or slightly different which causes no end of rows when one of them loses something and then claims the remaining toy. So i took the stamps into the bedroom and stamped the labels on the bears, dolls clothes, stationery, cushions and anything thing else that they may fight over. Now, when one of them loses something, we know which one has lost it, brilliant!
We recommend these to busy parents, and also to those less busy, use the extra time to sit back, relax and give yourself a pat on the back at how organised you are.


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