Friday, 31 July 2015

Toyologist Review - Thunderbirds 1

Review - Thunderbirds 1

Thunderbirds 1 to the rescue! Our latest toy review is for the TB1 vehicle which is 10.5cm long. It's just the right size to fit in a child's hand and also fits inside the Tracy Island Playset which can be bought separately. The vehicle was easy to remove from the packaging.  

TB1 has retractable wings and our reviewer found the base easy to turn which activated the wings.

This vehicle comes complete with action and rescue sounds and this is what stood out for our reviewer, she counted five different sounds and phrases and pressed the button to hear them as she played with the toy.

Our reviewer played with the toy for around 30 minutes before asking to put it away. She didn't sit down to play for long and took the toy with her to fly around the house and garden making her own sounds. She did say that she would like to play with the island too as she spotted it on the back of the TB1 packaging! 
The toy is easy to tidy away and doesn't take up too much room in a box alongside other vehicles. We recommend this toy for a child from 3 years to around 8 years.
Thunderbirds 1 is on sale at Toys R Us Toys R Us for £9.99
This review is part of the Toys R Us’ Toyologist programme 


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