Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Review - Trolley Bags

The new carrier bag charge is now in place so we were keen to try out the new Trolley Bags from

Trolley Bags are a set of four bags which fit into any sized supermarket trolley for the easiest and most organised packing at the supermarket. The system rolls up into a neat Velcro-fastened package that can be hooked on the back of the trolley whilst you shop. Once at the till and all your shopping is on the conveyor, Trolley Bags spread out in one simple action, with the ‘arms’ resting on the trolley sides, giving you a series of open and upright bags to fill, leaving both hands free for packing and sorting. For customers who ‘Scan as you shop,’ the bags can be racked open into the trolley when you enter the store, allowing you to pack, sort and organise your shopping exactly how you like it as your make your way around the aisles.
Now available in new colours and two sizes, Trolley Bags are the reusable bag system that every shopper needs. Trolley Bags Original for standard deeper trolleys and Trolley Bags Express for shallower trolleys, they are perfect for anyone.

On reading the instructions we noted that heavier items should be placed in the smaller bags so lifting the bags out of the trolley would be easier to handle. Off we went with the bags and a shopping list..

The bags all fit together snugly and are easy to pop in the back of the car and onto the back of the trolley. We are testing the deeper bags which are ideal for a big family shop and for using the deeper trolley.
We did our shop as usual and placed our items on the conveyer belt. When it was our turn to pack we placed the bags onto the trolley, they rested on the sides of the trolley perfectly and spread across to the end leaving us with four opened bags.
 Having the bags open and ready to place items in is a big difference from using the normal reusable supermarket bags that collapse in the trolley and made packing the bags much faster.
We packed the heavier items in the yellow and blue bags at the end of the trolley and used the larger bags for bulkier lighter items like bread and toilet rolls.
We had a lot of admiring comments from the checkout operator and several other shoppers who were impressed at how quickly the bags opened and stayed in place. We left the shop and headed to the car for what we considered to be the ultimate test. Would we be able to lift the deep bags out of the trolley and into the boot of the car without hurting our backs? The bags have a netting at the bottom of them so we also questioned if they would be able to hold the weight of the heavier items.
As you can see, the bags fitted into the car boot well and the netting was strong enough to hold the heavy milk bottles and tins. They were manageable to lift although I wouldn't feel comfortable over packing the bags they are able to hold a weekly shop for a family of 6.
We were so impressed that these stay in the car boot now so we have them with us for future shops !
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