Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Review - Moochies Phone for Kids and Win!

We are testing out the new Moochies phone for kids. The phone uses a pay-a-you-go sim card and is worn just like a watch and allows parents to keep track of their children using the Moochies app.

Many parents dread when their child asks if they can walk to school or the park on their own for the first time or that moment in a busy theme park when you lose site of your child. Although we will always worry about the obvious risks we have come across a new product which is extremely useful in lots of these situations. You can contact your child wherever they are and they can also contact you.

Moochies are simple for a child to use, the two buttons on the side of the phone are pre-set with phone numbers set by the parent or guardian using the Moochies app. To phone the parent the child just holds down one of the buttons on the phone.  There is also a SOS button at the front of the watch which the child can press if they are in trouble. This sends a 15 second recording of noises straight to the parents phone.
The Moochies app is free to download for iOS and Android


Using the app the parent can set up safe zones for example visiting a friend's house, and they will be notified if the child strays from this area. Parents can also add the numbers of other contacts who are able to call the phone, these are the only numbers able to call avoiding unwanted calls from strangers.
We are really impressed with the phone, it's easy for a child to use and because it looks and works as a watch the children are happy to wear it. As well as the designs above there are two new designs in both black and blue which an older child could easily wear. It gives great peace of mind watching the profile of your child moving around the area which has been pre-set as 'safe zone' and at the same time the child feels at ease knowing they can call if they are worried.

What we really liked about this product is how easy to is for the child to use and that it comes without the added risks that a mobile phone comes with. We think it really stands out as a must have phone for children in their 'tween' years. For 9-12 yr olds starting to ask for a bit more independence, going for their first sleepover to taking public transport to secondary school this phone could be very reassuring to all parties.

Moochies for Kids £79.99


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