Monday, 11 January 2016

Review - The Owl Who Lost Its Twoo


The Owl Who Lost Its Twoo


We have been asked to review the children's book 'The Owl Who Lost Its Twoo' written and illustrated by former primary and special school teacher Suzie Allkins. Suzie is also a mum to two children and lives in Dorset.

Ollie the owl may have a tiny beak but he is very noisy and disturbs the fox, mouse and bat in the moonlit wood. The wise old wizard owl puts a spell on Ollie to help him become less noisy but the spells goes wrong and Ollie loses his Twoo! Poor Ollie is only able to shout 'Twit' and the creatures in the wood think he is being unkind, this upsets Ollie and he hides away quietly.

The fox, mouse and bat ask the wizard owl for help and he finds Ollie and offers to put the spell right if Ollie promises to speak more quietly. The wise owl gets the spell right this time and Ollie has learnt his lesson not to yell and to think about the words he says as they can hurt too. Ollie the owl still enjoys a loud Twit Twoo when no one else is around!

We found this to be a delightful book with a lovely story which reminds children to talk nicely to each other. The story includes rhyming text and repetition which make it interesting to read and listen to and the pictures are beautiful giving a fondness to the main character. All the children who have listened to the story have sat still until the end and wanted to go back and look at the pictures. It has become a popular choice for bedtime reading alongside some of our other favourites.

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