Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review - Hape Space City

Hape Space City

Hape Quadrilla is a High Quality Wooden Marble Run Construction System. It provides endless creative building possibilities and encourages spatial think and problem solving. This 176-piece set includes marbles and glow in the dark accents for galactic racing. Each of the different colour blocks has a different function and it’s the world’s only kinetic marble run.

Inside the box:

The box contains 176 pieces and an instruction booklet with several different options to build, our 10yr old reviewer could easily follow the instructions and build the sets.

The sets do require some problem solving from the children as they build them, the blocks need to be placed in the correct position for the marbles to run through. Both the 7yr old and older child were keen to work together to solve this and we were pleasantly surprised that they didn't get frustrated but this element seemed to hold their attention.

Once the set was built they got to work racing their marbles and they really enjoyed playing together, the cat also seemed to find the experience very entertaining and sat and watched the marbles for ages which the children found hilarious!

When the girls decided to build a different design they added all the glow in the dark stickers which they placed carefully onto the pieces. When it became dark the turned off the lights and using the glow in the dark marbles which they loved. our photo wasn't great but this one shows how great the set looks in the dark.

The set states it's recommended for ages 6-12 years and we think this is a good guide. It's well built and will last a long time, we love wooden toys and this one has something different about it that captures the attention of the children. As with every other Hape Quadrilla Marble Run Construction Set, it combines easily with other Hape Quadrilla products for easy expansion and unique combinations that will enhance your child's play experience.

Hape Space City is available from Amazon for £120

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